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Welcome to the RapidMiner wiki.

For help on installation, please visit the installation manual.
New users are strongly recommended to watch the video tutorials on the Rapid-I homepage.

Use the search function on the left side of the page or visit Category:Operator to browse through the documentation.

RapidMiner Extensions

Various Extensions for RapidMiner are available from the update server (go to the "Help" menu and select "Update RapidMiner"). In addition to that, there are various contributions from the community which are not (yet) hosted on this server. A list of interesting extensions can be found below:

Available From the Update Server

  • The Text Processing Extension can be used for analyzing texts.
  • The Web Processing Extension works tightly together with the Text Processing Extension Extension and can be used to download data from the Web or crawl Web sites.
  • The Reporting Extension Extension allows to automatically generate reports (e.g. HTML or PDF documents) by RapidMiner processes. In addition to these static reports, RapidAnalytics allows also for the creation of dynamic reports.
  • The Series Processing Extension allows for the analysis of time series, which is particularly relevant in the financial domain.
  • The PMML Extension provides converters to save RapidMiner models in PMML format, which can be interpreted by several database systems to apply data mining models directly inside the database.
  • The Weka Extension incorporates all operators available in the Weka package into RapidMiner.
  • The R Extension (hosted on update server) can be used to execute R scripts and algorithms directly inside RapidMiner processes.
  • The Community Extension can be used to share RapidMiner processes with other data miners on myExperiment.
  • One ImageMining Extension is based on Web service hosted at NHRF.
  • The PaREn Wizard helps you to design RapidMiner processes and select the right learning algorithm by analyzing your input data.

Not Available From the Update Server

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