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Author Topic: Correlation operators with matrix output shall also provide weights output  (Read 448 times)
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« on: June 30, 2014, 11:29:29 AM »

Dear RapidMiner programmers,

referring to post,8048.0.html I was not able to manage to transform the actual matrix content of e.g. mutual information operator to weights.

As a partly work-around it is possible to write the matrix content via report to a file but still it seems impossible to apply this content as weight.

I would urgently appreciate a weight output which works as described in the following text:

Matrix   att1   att2   att3
att1        1       5        4
att2        6       1        5
att3        1       0        1

If this is the given matrix I wish to simply select an attribute e.g. "att3" and get the mutual information in this column as weights for each attribute, i.e. 4 as weight for att1 ... 1 as weight for att3.

PS: I could also imagine that an example to weights operator would come handy in general.

Best regards
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