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Author Topic: Line in linear regression  (Read 4057 times)
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I am new to this Forum but I have searched extensively for this feature but did not find it so I post it as a suggestion.

When doing linear regression I would like to plot the resulting line automatically. The way I am doing it now is to get the slope/intercept from the model and then program it in another operator to get a new attribute column that I then plot. Quite cumbersome, I would say.

One way to develop this is to be able to refer to results from the previous operator. Illustrating this for the Linear Regression calculation:

y = m x + b

OperatorRegression_Result_01 x attribute_X + OperatorRegression_Result_02

This would apply for any result from any operator, of course, not only Regression operator.

I am forcing open doors here and all this can be done in an easy way? (not involving other programming, XML etc.)

Best regards and thanks for an awesome product, RapidMiner!
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just apply the Linear Regression and plot the prediction versus your x value in a scatter plot. To also see the true results, use a scatter multiple and plot prediction and label versus the x value.
To actually plot a line instead of dots try the series plotter, or go directly for the advanced charts.

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