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Author Topic: Why Naive Bayes is generating binary confidences ?  (Read 1295 times)
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« on: March 10, 2014, 11:26:36 AM »

Hi, i am dealing with text categorization problem. I need confidence/probabilities values generated by Naive Bayes but i found that its giving me binary confidences(1/0). I have 20 classes in my dataset where one class confidence is calculated as '1' and others as '0'. It happens same for all correctly classified instances and misclassified instances.

I am using Modeling->Classification And Regression -> Bayesian Modeling ->Naive Bayes

am i using the correct naive bayes and why is it only generating binary values as probabilities ?

Thanks alot in advance

Marius Helf
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you are using the correct operator. Either your problem is algorithmically very easy, or you have an error/misconfiguration in your process setup, or your data has other particularities.

Can you please post the XML of your process such that we can have a look at it?

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