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Author Topic: HELP PLS: 3 datasets, Simple Voting, 3 base-member classifiers  (Read 410 times)
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« on: September 19, 2013, 03:06:23 PM »

Hello guys,
I am new to RapidMiner. Basically I have three different Datasets of 2D features (i.e. each file has 3 columns: label, feature0, feature1). I want to do an ensemble of classifiers using simple voting. Each classifier have its own dataset features as input:
1- dataset0(feature00,feature01)-->Classifier0
2- dataset1(feature10,feature11)-->Classifier1
3- dataset2(feature20,feature21)-->Classifier2

the above classifiers can be similar (such as all SVMs) or different (such as MLP, SVM, kNN, respectively). Models of these classifiers are stored and called back using (read Model).

The problem in using Rapidminer, I can only read one dataset file into the 'vote' block (similarly to the 'Apply Model').
Any one please help me in how get around this problem?
I attach a screen shot of the Main process and the Vote block:

I appreciate your help.
Many thanks
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