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Author Topic: Operator to be used to read each sentence in a csv file - Text Mining  (Read 644 times)
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« on: July 11, 2013, 07:48:15 AM »

Hi Forum,
I'm a newbie to RM,
I have a requirement. I have a csv file with two coloumns, 1. type of category 2. Its decription
For Example:
Sickness: Mr.XXX is suffering from fever
Complaints: Wifi is in my room is not working

My Objective is to classifier, which classifies the given statement into category.

Now how can I read each row in the csv file & extract the key words in the decription attribute using RM?

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Marius Helf
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You should have a look at the introductory videos to text processing in the videos section of our website:,en/

To read the data you can use Read CSV, run the wizard of the operators, and specify the colon ( : ) as separator.

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